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Welcome to Davis Square Martial Arts!

ALL CLASSES are now taking place either INSIDE at our school on Highland Ave.  We are currently mask optional.

We are now offering a full schedule of adult kung fu and tai chi classes, as well as kids kung fu classes for over 300 students. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more. We’d love to hear from you! You can email our office:

Our location is in the center of Davis Square, downstairs at 408 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA. We are next to the Bank of America and ~2 minute walk from the Davis Square T station, served by the Red Line and numerous buses, and convenient to surrounding communities, including Cambridge, Boston, Medford, Arlington, and Belmont. Map of Davis Square Martial Arts

All of our programs are taught by qualified black belt instructors. We strive to create a fun, positive environment in which to get in shape and safely learn martial arts, including self-defense. Students of ALL LEVELS are welcome, whether you have prior experience in any martial art or are trying kung fu for the very first time!

We offer 3 main programs for beginning students:

Scout Magazine/SCOUTV interviewed Instructor Mark Carletti, owner of Davis Square Martial Arts, about our programs and produced a video showcasing our studio!

About Our KUNG FU Program for Adults

Our Kung Fu program strives to create a positive learning environment for students where they can challenge themselves both mentally and physically. The goal is to set up each individual for success, so they can reach their full potential. The forms (e.g., Shaolin Longfist, Southern Fist, Tiger and Staff) and training  are designed to improve the body’s strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and control. More importantly, these movements will challenge the student to improve patience, focus, and will power. Through diligent and consistent training, students achieve goals they once thought out of reach.

Since most martial arts are derived from Chinese-style martial arts, Kung fu training incorporates all the major kicks found in Tae Kwon Do, the joint locks found in Ai Ki Do (or Chin Na), the falls/rolls/throws in Judo and Juijistu, and the hand strikes used in Karate. The Northern Longfist styles are open and athletic, great for developing flexibility, balance and coordination. The Southern styles typically emphasize “rooting” and strength of posture, making it effective for short range self-defense. Weapons (e.g., long staff, broad sword, spear) challenge students to extend their focus and control beyond their body and into the weapon, developing higher levels of concentration,coordination, strength, and flexibility. Instructors: Mark Carletti, Karen Gutterman, Jason Reed, Peter Medeiros, Marcus Morimoto, and Jonathan Scott. Click here for more information about Adult Kung fu.

About Our TAI CHI Program for Adults tai chi class

Tai Chi differs from Kung Fu in both form and intensity. In general, postures are higher and movements are slower and more graceful, allowing students to focus on breathing, fluidity, exact body alignment, and relaxation. Through the practice of the 24-step Yang-style form and a variety of Qigong breathing sets, this class focuses on learning correct breathing, relaxation, balance, strength, and flexibility. The goal is to improve the body’s overall health and energy level by strengthening the respiratory system, the immune system and improving circulation. It is appropriate for adult students of all ages.

The Tai Chi class is designed to make beginners feel welcome, while challenging more advanced students to develop a deeper understanding of their body’s center and alignment. Each class begins with a relaxing set of warm up exercises, stretching, and qigong breathing. This allows the practitioner to break away from the stress of the day by focusing on their body, posture, and breathing. The second half of the class is devoted to the Tai Chi form. (Beginners start with the 24-step Yang-style form.) Instructors break the class into smaller groups depending on experience. This allows beginners to feel more comfortable and advanced students to focus on detailed corrections. The  benefits of Tai Chi include better balance, improved breathing, increased flexibility, more energy, less stress, and more patience with themselves and others. Click here for more information about Adult Tai Chi.

About our Kung Fu Program for KidsGreen belt students before our 2012 Demo

At Davis Square Martial Arts, our Kids Kung Fu classes emphasize paying attention, doing your best, treating everyone with respect, and having fun. We work to create a positive learning environment where students can safely learn martial arts. Our instructors can help your child:

  • enhance their confidence and self-esteem.
  • develop discipline and self-control.
  • better their ability to listen, focus and concentrate.
  • improve physical strength, flexibility and coordination.
  • have fun while learning and exercising.

The mental and physical discipline they develop by practicing kung fu with Davis Square Martial Arts will serve them throughout their lives. Click here for more information about Kids Kung Fu.

If you would like to register for a FREE first martial arts class, or if you have any questions at all regarding our programs, we’d love to hear from you! Email our office: