Parents Class

Davis Square Martial Arts offers a class specially tailored to parents!

ALL CLASSES are now taking place INSIDE our school on Highland Avenue. We are accepting new students!   If you would like to register for a FREE first martial arts class, or if you have any questions at all regarding our programs, we’d love to hear from you! Email our office:

Instructor Karen teaches the Parents Class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s a fun, small group and a great way to get some exercise and learn some new skills. For most, this class was their first exposure to martial arts, so beginners are most definitely welcome!

Each parent’s curriculum can be varied to meet their personal goals. We focus on increasing one’s fitness level, improving overall health, and reducing stress. The class is taught in a very positive and encouraging environment, challenging each student to meet their goals.

A t-shirt and workout pants are perfect attire for kung fuYou should also be aware that street shoes are not allowed on the practice floor in the studio. Most students practice in socks or bare feet. Also, you do not need to attend the same day each week. The Parents Class does not meet during July or August.

Class Schedule:
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Parents Class
Parents Class

Parents/All Levels Class

Parents of current students, 1-2x/week: $95/month* September – June
Parent’s friend or parent of former students, 1x/week: $95/month* September – June
Parent’s friend or parent of former students, 2x/week: $125/month* September – June

*Discounted tuition available when paying for the 10 months at once.
Parents Class does not meet in July or August.

More about Kung Fu at Davis Square Martial Arts

Our Kung Fu program strives to create a positive learning environment for students where they can challenge themselves both mentally and physically. The goal is to set up each individual for success, so they can reach their full potential. The forms (e.g., Shaolin Longfist, Southern Fist, Tiger and Staff) and training  are designed to improve the body’s strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and control. More importantly, these movements will challenge the student to improve patience, focus, and will power. Through diligent and consistent training, students achieve goals they once thought out of reach.

Students who are new to martial arts are often confused by the large number of different styles available to them. Since most martial arts are derived from Chinese-style martial arts, Kung fu training incorporates all the major kicks found in Tae Kwon Do, the joint locks found in Ai Ki Do (or Chin Na), the falls/rolls/throws in Judo, and the hand strikes used in Karate. The Northern Longfist styles are open and athletic, great for developing flexibility, balance and coordination. The Southern Kung fu styles typically emphasize “rooting” and strength of posture, making it effective for short range self-defense. Weapons (e.g., long staff, broad sword, spear) challenge students to extend their focus and control beyond their body and into the weapon, developing higher levels of concentration, coordination, strength, and flexibility.

Every class has three parts: a warm-up, a forms lesson, and a self-defense lesson.

Warm-up: The warm-up consists of several exercises geared toward loosening up the body and raising the heart rate. There are several static and dynamic stretches as well as strength, balancing, and coordination drills, including basic kicking and punching techniques.

Forms: This portion of class focuses on learning new skills and the choreography of different martial arts forms. Topics rotate and include Northern Long Fist, Southern Fist, Tiger Form, as well as kicking techniques, hand attacks, and blocks.

Application of Movements / Self-Defense: Each class ends with a chance to apply what you have learned to a self-defense situation. Students pair off with someone at their level to work on techniques. New students will move slowly and carefully. When they are comfortable with the technique and show good control, they will be encouraged to slowly add speed and intensity. The goal is to learn how to defend yourself, not beat each other up.

If you would like to register for a FREE first kung fu class, or if you have any questions at all regarding our programs, email our office: