Frequently Asked Questions

For most questions, please be aware that the answers for Kids Classes are different than those for Adults classes

If you have any additional questions, or need clarification on an issue, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Where are you located?

We are located in the center of Davis Square, downstairs at 408 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA. We are next to the Bank of America and ~2 minute walk from the Davis Square T station, served by the Red Line and numerous buses. Our location is convenient to surrounding communities, including Cambridge, Boston, Medford, Arlington, and Belmont. Map of Davis Square Martial Arts

When can I attend my first free class?

For ADULT Classes: We have an open enrollment for adult classes, both for kung fu and tai chi, so you can join at any time. We will set up a one-on-one lesson for you with an instructor before you join a full class. To arrange a first lesson, call us at (617) 591-9656 or email our office:

For KIDS Classes: Depending on availability, we can enroll children any time, however, we typically enroll kids in Sept/Oct, Jan/Feb and late March/early April. We have a 10 month class schedule that follows the school year from Sept-June. We will want to assign your child to a class before they come in for a first class. You can enroll your child by emailing our office:

What if I’ve never taken a martial arts class before?

No problem! We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for people new to martial arts practice, as well as providing an outlet for experienced students who are looking for a new place to train.

What should I wear for class at Davis Square Martial Arts?

For KIDS and ADULTS, any comfortable workout clothes, such as a t-shirt and sweatpants or leggings, are perfect attire for Kung Fu or Tai Chi. You should also be aware that street shoes are not allowed on the practice floor. Most students practice in socks, bare feet or shoes only worn indoors. 

Do I need to attend the same class each week?

For ADULTS: No! You can attend any class you want during the week, for instance, you can attend the Monday class one week and the Wednesday class the next week. You register for the number of classes you plan to take per week (1x/week or 2-5x/week). You do not sign up for a specific class.

For KIDS: Yes! Each class is designed for a specific age range and belt level. Your child is assigned to a specific class for them attend each week. The curriculum for each class is different and particular to that class.

If I miss a class one week, can I make it up the next week?

For ADULTS: If you register for 1x/week, but miss class entirely one week, you are welcome to attend 2 classes the following week.

For KIDS: Make up classes are generally not possible. The curriculum for each class is different and particular to that class. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

What should I expect from a typical adult’s class?

Every class has three parts: a warm-up, a forms lesson, and a self-defense lesson.

Warm-up: The warm-up consists of several exercises geared toward loosening up the body and raising the heart rate. There are several static and dynamic stretches as well as strength, balancing, and coordination drills, including basic kicking and punching techniques.

Forms: This portion of class focuses on learning new skills and the choreography of different martial arts forms. Topics rotate and include Northern Long Fist, Southern Fist, Tiger Form, as well as kicking techniques, hand attacks, and blocks.

Application of Movements / Self-Defense: Each class ends with a chance to apply what you have learned to a self-defense situation. New students move slowly and carefully at first. When they are comfortable with the technique and show good control, they are encouraged to add speed and intensity. The goal is to learn to defend yourself, not beat each other up.

While the above is a description for ADULTS Kung Fu, KIDS classes are similar, except they always end with a game designed to challenge them physically while developing focus, control and agility!

What should I do if my child needs a different class time?

Please contact us. Although we carefully design all of our classes to have a narrow range of ages and belt levels, since we have multiple instructors in each class (and now a 2nd classroom), sometimes we can make other times work for certain students. Our goal is to set up every student for success. Please communicate with us whenever you have a questions about scheduling.

If you have any additional questions, or need clarification on an issue, please do not hesitate to contact our office: