Tai Chi Program Instructor Mark– Improve the body’s overall health and energy level by practicing slow, relaxed and fluid movements that will:

  • Reduce stress & fatigue
  • Improve circulation & flexibility
  • Enhance mood & well being
  • Improve balance & coordination
  • Reduce blood pressure & heart rate
  • Improve focus & concentration

The Tai Chi class is designed to make beginners feel welcome, while challenging more advanced students to develop a deeper understanding of their body’s center and alignment. Each class begins with a relaxing set of warm-up exercises, stretching and qigong breathing. This allows the practitioner to break away from the stress of the day by channeling their focus inward towards their body, posture and breathing. The second half of the class is devoted to the Tai Chi form (beginners start with the 24 step Yang style form). Instructors will break the class into smaller groups, depending on experience, to teach the form. This allows beginners to feel more comfortable, and for more advanced students to focus on the more detailed corrections.

Tai Chi differs from Kung Fu training in both form and intensity. In general, the postures are higher and the movements are slower, allowing the practitioner to focus more on breathing, fluidity, exact body alignment and relaxation. The goal of this program is to improve the body’s overall health and energy level (by strengthening the respiratory system, the immune system and improving circulation) and is appropriate for everyone. Students of all ages benefit greatly from practicing Tai Chi. The main benefits, again, are better balance, improved breathing, increased flexibility, more energy, less stress and more patience (with themselves and others.)

Instructor MarkHow to set up a 1st Free class

Thank you for your interest in our program. The best night to come in and try a first free class is the Tuesday night beginners’ class. We typically have multiple instructors in to accommodate new students during this time. The class begins at 6:30pm and if you could arrive 15 minutes early, there is a short form to fill out and this will give us a chance to introduce ourselves before class begins. A T-shirt and workout pants are perfect attire for the first class. Although an appointment is not necessary, please let us know when you are planning on coming in, so we can be better prepared to take you through your first class. If you would like to register for a FREE first martial arts class, or if you have any questions at all regarding our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact our office manager, Jennifer: jendsma@gmail.com

Class schedule & tuition

Tai Chi Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Beginner & Up: Qigong/Forms Lesson (24 Step Yang Style) 9:00-10:10am
Beginner & Up: Forms Lesson (24 Step Yang Style) 6:30-7:45pm


Introductory Packages

Option #1 – $110 Introductory package includes: first class for free, registration fee, school T-shirt and 1 month of classes up to 2x/week

Option #2 – $85 Introductory package includes: first class for free, registration fee, school T-shirt and 1 month of classes, 1x/week

Tai Chi Tuition (2x/wk)     

Automatic monthly payments 1 month – $110

6 months – $600    ($100/month)*

12 months – $1,140  ($95/month)*

 Tai Chi (1x/week)             

Automatic monthly payments 1 month – $85

6 months – $480  ($80/month)*

12 months – $900 ($75/month)*

Combined Program Tuition (Kung fu and Tai chi)

automatic monthly payments – $160

6 months – $900 ($150/month)*

12 months – $1,740 (145/month)*

* Monthly amounts are for comparison only.