Advanced Programs

At Davis Square Martial Arts, we offer a number of Advanced Programs 

Advanced student performing at 2012 Demo

Leadership/Instructor Training Program 2023-24

All of our classes at Davis Square Martial Arts are centered around delivering an experience where students have fun, learn a lot and make progress towards realizing their potential.  The goal is to provide each student with the tools they need in life to be happier and more successful, while having a positive effect on those around them and in their community.  This program allows interested students to not only experience that, but to learn how to create it.  

All classes from white belt to black belt have components of confidence building, improved communication and leadership training.  This program will allow students to take all of that to another level through the experience of challenging themselves and working with others.  The program is designed to help students:

    • Gain confidence to speak in front of others
    • Learn how to teach and maintain a positive attitude
    • Learn how to be more patient and encouraging
    • Build teamwork and leadership skills
    • Become less susceptible to negative peer pressure
    • Become more generous in helping others
  • Learn how to run a small group

This program is designed with every student in mind.  Our goal is for it to be flexible to accommodate a variety of schedules and allow every student (Red belt and up) to participate if they choose to.  Sessions will be broken up into 8 week blocks.  Students will benefit greatly from participating in single sessions (8 weeks) or doing multiple sessions throughout the year.  Each session is designed with levels, starting at the


Session 1 – Hands-on teaching – Sept 25th – Dec 17th (8 weeks) 

Wednesday 4-5:10pm OR Friday 4:10-5:20pm – Concurrent w/ live class

In Session 1, we will have students arrive 20 minutes before a live class and work on skills, techniques that they will be leading that day.  Then we will break up into smaller groups and give students the opportunity to lead parts of the warmup, direct drills and take on a larger role as role model/leader in the classroom.  Wednesday’s group will be on average a little older and higher belt than Friday’s group, so Wednesday will be open to Red, Brown and Black belt students (ages 12 and older), where as, Friday will be open to Purple, Red, Brown and Black belt students (ages 12 and older).  A red, brown or black belt will be equally challenged in either classroom, please pick the class that best fits your schedule.  

Session 1 – Instructor Training Tuition – $245


Session 2 – Jan 11 – April 4th – (12 weeks w/ 2 week break to prepare for demonstrations) – Hands-on Teaching and Advanced Skills

Thursday 4:30-5:10pm OR 5:30-6:10pm- OPEN to Red, Brown and Black belts

Hands on Teaching opportunities – Saturday mornings 10:30-11:30am

In Session 2, we will use a similar format to this year’s program.  Students will have a 40 minute lesson BEFORE their existing class on Thursdays for 12 weeks where they will work to get comfortable up in front of the room, use stronger voices, demonstrating confidently and giving positive feedback to the group.  Brown belts and black belts will work to include more detailed corrections, use individual student names, be more energetic and enthusiastic,  and work on using our Positive-Correct-Positive format.  Our 12 week goal is that students will go from leading single exercises to working in groups to lead the entire warmup with kicks and punches, and for students working towards black belt, becoming comfortable teaching and entire class warmup by themselves.

Session 2 – Instructor Training Tuition – $325 (either Thursday or Saturday, or both*)

*There is no additional charge for students who would like to do both days – over 50% of the students last year did both days and it really worked out great.


Additional Opportunities to Assist (for students who did the Instructor training program last year or are enrolling for Session 1 in the Fall 2023)

If you cannot fit either of the above sessions into your schedule (or even if you are planning to do session 1 or both sessions) and did last year’s Instructor Training Program and would like to assist with a class this year, please let us know and we can make a plan for you to do so.  Below is a list of the possible classes that could use an assistant instructor.  

**Please note that some classes are only open to Brown/Black belt students 14 and older due to the age/belt level.

11 different Teaching options for the fall:

Monday or Wednesday – 3:30-4:20pm

Monday or Wednesday – 4:20-5:10pm

Monday or Wednesday –  5:20-6:20pm

Tuesday or Thursday –  3:20-4:10pm

**Tuesday or Thursday – 4:20-5:10pm **

Friday 3:30-4:20pm (not currently available)

Friday 5:30-6:20pm


Wednesday  –  4:20-5:10pm (INSTRUCTOR TRAINING CLASS)

Tuition – There is no cost associated with Assisting to Teach a class outside of the Instructor training program.

Each session will focus on different topics that allow the students to explore:

    • Hands on teaching techniques
    • Leading Warm Up exercises
    • PCP – Positive-Correct-Positive
    • Connecting with others
    • Leading kicks and punches
    • Leading mat drills
    • How to lead a form
  • Being more comfortable in front of others

Reasons to become an assistant instructor:

  • Physically, you will learn to break down movements, practice the basics, and think about training from many different points of view. You will learn the material on a much deeper level and begin to absorb what you thought you already knew.
  • Confidence is knowing what you can and cannot do. You will challenge this line and move it, and in doing so you will grow.
  • You get to help others to develop their skills and have a positive impact on their lives.
  • By teaching, you help the school grow and contribute to a community which in turn supports you.
  • You develop better communication skills, including how to effectively motivate many different types of personalities and how to speak in front of a group.
  • You learn about yourself, and how to improve yourself, on a path to becoming a better human being.

The Assistant Instructor Program teaches students how to assist an instructor in the teaching of a martial arts class. Through breaking down and teaching the basic movements, each student will gain a deeper level of understanding of their own foundational movements, grow in their confidence, and learn how to positively impact the lives of others. Students work on their ability to communicate and on how to speak in front of a group. Most importantly, students learn about their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

In this program, assistant instructors transition from assisting to leading a classroom. They learn how to effectively handle all aspects of the class: creating a lesson plan, coordinating students, effectively teaching warm-ups/drills/forms/self-defense, signing up prospective students, handling introductory lessons, and balancing the different individuals needs in a class. Instructors work to improve one-on-one and group communication and continue to deepen their understanding of their own practice.

The Assistant Instructor Training Program includes 12 weeks of hands on class work and observation, with close supervision by Instructor Mark and/or Instructor Karen. No matter what level instructor you are, we are able to provide an opportunity for you to stretch yourself in an environment where you will be supported and not overwhelmed. If you are interested in participating, please speak to Instructor Mark or Instructor Karen.

Sparring Program (Equipment Required) – DATES TBD

Self defense/sparring during 2012 Demo

In the sparring program, students learn how to apply what they have learned in class to a dynamic fighting situation. The main concepts of distance, timing and power will be covered in solo, two-person, and multi-person scenarios. Physically, students will learn blocks, attacks, footwork, and combinations; however, mentally they will learn much more. Students will learn how to stay calm when faced with adversity, as well as the power of technique and exactness. Their confidence will improve as they learn how to identify potentially bad situations and then how to handle them or avoid them. The program is less about fighting and more about notfighting.

Currently, this curriculum is embedded in the extended Monday/Wednesday Advanced Kids and Tuesday/Thursday Advanced Juniors classes.

1st Degree Black Belt Accelerated Training Program – DATES TBD

This 3-week intensive program covers topics needed to prepare for a student’s first Black Belt test and serves as a review prior to their test.

2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belt Program – DATES TBD

This intensive program is geared toward our most advanced students.  Rotating topics include Eagle Form, Advanced Northern Longfist, Tiger and Crane Forms, Advance Southern Fist, Advanced Straight Sword, and Cyclone Broadsword. This program is appropriate for Black Belt students from our Kids or Adults programs or by recommendation from an instructorAssistant Instructor Training Program