Somerville Scout visited the school earlier this year for their Jan/Feb 2017 Fitness Issue! Not only were we featured in their “Off the Wall Workouts” in print but there was also a follow up interview with Instructor Mark on SCOUTV:

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People love us on Yelp!

“These instructors, and these classes, are fantastic. I love how everybody here is friendly, supportive… Instructors Mark, Karen, and Jonathan are terrific people, and there is none of the ‘buy-a-belt, learn to master the soooper seeeekrit martial arts’ vibe I’ve gotten from other dojos. You sweat, and you learn, and everybody’s supportive of that.”

“I can’t say enough great things about Instructor Mark and the terrific program he’s developed here.  He has created a culture of listening, respect, trying one’s best and staying positive that is really wonderful to see — and the kids really respond to this, while having a lot of fun, building skills and developing focus!”

“Awesome martial arts school. The instructors are great – and really know how to keep you motivated and engaged. Cost is very reasonable – especially for the amount of personalized attention you get,  and you get a great workout. Good for people of all levels. Convenient location – right off the T.”

“I’ve been studying Kung Fu here for 1.5 years, and it’s fantastic.  The instructors are wonderful: knowledgeable, personable, and motivating.”

“Owner Mark Carletti’s method of instruction is endlessly positive and encouraging while remaining challenging enough to keep the kids coming back. His staff is also extraordinarily accomplished, skilled not only in the martial arts but also in guiding children and youth.”

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